Sample Sheds Constructed by Us


Bespoke Custom Garden Shed built by Tavistock Woodland Sawmill

We offer Garden Sheds that are custom built on your site. Our experienced build team will construct from scratch on your site or garden. We can build sheds to your size, all in heavy-duty timbers which are fully pressure treated and tanalised. No further treatment is needed. The shed cladding used is 5th grade Scandinavian Redwood which gives a longer life expectancy than the timber used by most nationals or imported sheds. Now all with Tyvek (or similar membrane) to all walls as standard

Our upright posts are 75mm x 75mm morticed in 3 places with rails slotted through. This gives very strong framing. At TWS we can build our sheds on slopes or uneven ground which saves the expense of levelling and laying a concrete base.

If the garden shed is to be turned into a workshop, studio or home office, optional extras should be considered such as a membrane to the walls or a double skin and insulate.

Shed Kits

Garden Shed Kit offered by Tavistock Woodland Sawmill

For a heavy-duty garden shed kit to keep all your garden tools in we make shed kits in a number of sizes including 6'x4' 7'x5' 8'x6' and 8'x8'. All use fully pressure treated/tanalised timber including a proper timber floor. All kit sheds must have a firm, level base to go on to.

Pressure treatment and tanalising, guards against rot, fungal and insect attack giving longer life expectancy. It is not however a waterproofer.

Built On Site

You can select from our wide range of built on site shed designs available or we will build your shed for you from your own shed design (see our Customer Specials for ideas and inspiration of bespoke sheds we've built)

Our buildings are all heavy duty i.e uprights are 75mm x 75mm minimum. The size can be whatever you want. We clad the sheds using heavy duty ex 19mm thick Tanalised Redwood Shiplap cladding as standard but can also offer Loglap or Tongue & Groove (both also Tanalised Redwood) if you wish your shed to be slightly different.

The roof material is normally Onduline which has a 15 year warrenty with Tanalised plywood lining underneath, but we can do natural slate, cement fibre slate, felt shingles or metal box profile roofing if you want something else instead of Onduline for your shed. All the timbers used in our sheds are fully pressure treated, tanalised and we use timber for the floor, not chipboard!

You tell us how you would like it and that's what we'll build. Bespoke rather than off the peg.

Garden Tool Tidy Shed Kit

Garden Tool Tidy Shed Kit by Tavistock Woodland Sawmill


900mm wide x 760mm deep & 2.0m to apex.

Product Details

This robust, compact tool tidy will fit into a small space in any garden. All timber is fully pressuretreated and does not require further maintenance/treatment. The cladding and door are T&G timber.The roof has pressure treated ply with felt on top.