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Tanalised Timber and Hardwood supplied by Tavistock Woodland Sawmill Ltd

Timber is a natural living material and certain blemishes and movements are completely natural and acceptable. All natural timber and timber products which are exposed to the elements will be affected by the weather and the condition in which they are stored and used. Also, each piece of timber can react differently from the next, this can be due to a variety of reasons such as species, or where it was cut from in the log etc.

The timber will tend to dry out particularly quickly under extremes of sunshine and wind, and this may lead to visible signs of shakes, splinters, splitting, distorting or discolouration. Sun and heat may cause timber to shrink or develop ‘shakes’. Rain may cause the timber to swell and the shakes reduce or close. Rapid changes in extreme climate may cause twisting etc.

Pressure treating/Tanalising uses a pressure treatment tank to force the anti-rot treatment through the timber and therefore the life expectancy of the product extended. There are various methods of treatment, but the best is pressure treating with Tanalith. This process stops rot, it does not prevent shakes, twists etc.

TWS, in line with other suppliers, does not accept any responsibility for damage to timber/products caused by weather conditions or storage at any time.