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We make a full range in our own workshop. Various stock sizes are available or if required, we can make them to your size. We also offer a large selection of gate hinges & fittings in stock. Fence panels are also available to match.

At Tavistock Woodland Sawmill all our timber comes from sustainable/managed sources and is fully pressure treated Tanalised ensuring maximum anticipated service life. We also stock a large range of posts and gate fittings from hinges, catches, bolts and springs to the Postcrete to set your gate posts in! When measuring for the width of your gates, don’t forget to allow for the fittings! All natural timber products which are exposed to the elements (sun, wind, rain etc) may experience visible signs of “checking/splits”. This will not detract from the life expectancy. Tavistock Woodland Sawmill cannot accept responsibility for blemishes caused by weather conditions or carriage/storage of goods.

Once you have bought your driveway gate (which we can make to your size as we manufacture them here on site), Tavistock Woodland Sawmill carries all the hinges and catches you will need to hang and secure it. Cranked bands, double strap band, T-Hinges, backflap hinges, autocatches, tower bolts, brenton bolts, figure 4 catches, ring latches, drop bolts and gate springs are always in stock. For securing your gate posts, we have aggregate (20mm to dust), sand, cement, or for the lazy (but easy!!) way, we have Postcrete.

N.B. Height should be measured from top to bottom of the end styles. When measuring widths allow for the hinges. Most design of gates can be made to the customers required size. Telephone for assistance if needed.

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Devon Gate

An ever popular five bar gate is made from sawn Tanalised timber and with a heavy 100mm x 75mm top rail is very substantial. Timber is from sustainable sources, local where possible. These are suitable for either field or garden. Standard height to top rail is approx 1.3m and widths up to 4.8m, the Devon notably has a taller hanger with the diagonal brace rising above the top rail into the hanging style.

Diamond Gate

This is another sawn Tanalised field gate like the Devon, but it has equal height end styles and the braces form a diamond pattern instead of an X like the Devon bracing. Again, we use a 100mm x 75mm for the top rail for the Diamond gates for durability.

Trafalgar Gate

Timber for this gate is of course pressure treated and sourced from sustainable woodland and available in any sizes. The Trafalgar is an attractive gate with tongue & groove to the lower part, making in a solid gate with trellis on the top part.

Light Paling Gate

Manufactured from Ex 75mm x 25mm planed square edged timber throughout, this is a lightweight basic gate at an economical price. It is Tanalised and available in various sizes. Designed mainly for light use, it is still a very sturdy garden gate.

Light Side Gate

Also used as a shed door, this side gate is made from Redwood tongue & groove and is ledged and braced on the rear of the gate so it does not have end styles. It is an economical door/side gate to fill a gap. Various sizes are available as we can manufacture to your own size, like all our other gates.

Feather Edge Gate

To match our ready made heavy duty Featheredge Panels or a featheredge clad post and rail fence, this is made from sawn Tanalised timber from sustainable sources, local where possible, with a frame at the back and completed with a capping rail on the top. Our featheredge is a heavy thickness, unlike some out there that taper to almost nothing, ours is approx 5mm at the thin edge and approx 16mm on the thick edge. A very good garden gate that will last for many years.

Olympia Gate

Designed to match our heavy duty Overlap Panel fencing. Manufactured by us using sawn Tanalised timber, locally sourced where possible. Various sizes can be manufactured up to 1.8m wide

Chelsea Gate

A stylish driveway or entrance gate made from heavy duty planed Tanalised Redwood sourced from sustainable woodlands. Both end styles are Ex 125mm x 75mm making it very sturdy. The pales give an attractive appearance to a five bar gate keeping small pets in (or out!) without blocking the view. Various sizes are available as they made to order by us here in the UK.

Pasha Gate

Planed Tanalised Redwood timber used in the construction of this gate. A herringbone style of slats leaving a gap between each one – on both sides of the central upright strut. This gives a “windbreak” effect as it is not one solid surface. There is a matching fence panel to match this style of gate to complete your garden. Made in our workshops to order from sustainably sourced Redwood and as always, can be made in various sizes.

Empire Gate

A heavier version of the Featheredge Gate, this one has heavy styles with morticed in top and bottom rails. Our heavy featheredge fills in the body of the gate. It is a plain but solid garden gate which is fully pressure treated and built to last. Timber is sourced from sustainable woodlands and is available in many sizes as we manufacture these on site like all our other gates.

Bosphorus Gate

Another of our range of stylish garden gates that has matching fence panels to go with it. The main theme of this gate is the small hole diamond trellis with a heavy duty planed & chamfered Redwood frame around it with the top and bottom rails morticed into large end styles. All the timber is planed and pressure treated. These gates are available in various sizes as well.

Zanzibar Gate

There are complimentary fence panels in a matching style to go with these pressure treated planed Redwood driveway gates. It is a decorative design giving both a solid secure gate with heavy end styles and top rail with a triangle of small hole trellis to add interest. All of the timber used is pressure treated Tanalised planed Redwood. These are available in various sizes.

Ottoman Gate

Fence panels available to match. One of our most popular designs, built on site using planed & chamfered Tanalised Redwood. The Ottoman has heavy duty end styles, tongue & groove lower three quarters (approx, depending on size ordered) with an attractive small hole diamond trellis to the top quarter (approx).

Roman II Gate

The same as the Roman I but with a solid tongue & groove lower part giving privacy.

All timber used is pressure treated, Tanalised

Roman Herringbone Gate

Tanalised, Planed Redwood. End styles ex 125 x 75mm or ex 75 x 75mm depending on size. T & G cladding in herringbone design with the "Roman numeral" style to the top.

Roman Gate

As the name implies the style has a Roman numeral look. Planed & chamfered Redwood is used to make it. There are two Roman style of gates and this one has uprights to the lower part with gaps between and the the X’s incorporated into the top part.

This is a heavy duty garden gate and is available in various sizes.

Argento Gate

We manufacture fence panels to suit this attractive garden gate, both from Tanalised planed Redwood from sustainable forests. The Argento has a herringbone style pattern to the Shiplap timber used in the lower part and small diamond patterned trellis to the top quarter (approx depending on size ordered).

Mayfair Gate

Although these are usually sold as pairs due to the sloping top rails (these can be hung so they rise or dip in the middle), they can also be manufactured with a level top if desired. A more bespoke design with heavy end styles (Ex 125mm x 75mm), tongue & grove cladding to the bottom and hand cut shaped spindles to the top. With the reducing height to the closing edge, the Mayfair makes an impressive front entrance.

Brompton Gate

A classic garden gate design using planed, Tanalised timber from managed Redwood forests. The end styles are morticed to take the rails. The upright pales can be shaped to give a bow top finish, a concave (dipped bow) finish or a flat level top with or without blunted point tops (option must be specified with order). We manufacture these here and so, can make any size.

Knightsbridge Gate

This is a solid driveway gate giving privacy. Planed pressure treated tongue and groove (T&G) with ledges, braces and top rail morticed into the Ex 75mm square end styles. All the timber is Tanalised and sourced from managed sustainable woodlands. These gates can be made in various sizes eg 1.8m high x 900mm wide or 1.2m high x 1.5m wide etc, whatever size you require

Wall Gate Swept Top

A very heavy duty gate made completely from Ex 88mm x 38mm planed and chamfered Redwood for the uprights, ledges and braces. These gates can be made with a convex (bow) top, a concave (dipped bow) top or a flat top. If a pair of these are to be used, we can do a bow top or concave across the pair. Also available is a swept bow across a pair of Wall Gates. Various sizes are available, style of top must be specified with order.

Wall Gate

Planed, chamfered, tanalised Redwood. This is a very heavy duty, solid gate. Ledge and braced at the back. Made with ex 89 x 38mm timber. Usually with a bow top.

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