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Timber Fence Panels from Tavistock Woodland Sawmill For fence panels and trellis, we have posts, Metposts and clips to secure them once you have decided which style you like. We also manufacture all our panels in house and as such, we can build them to your size. At Tavistock Woodland Sawmill we manufacture all our own fence panels from overlap panels, featheredge panels and picket/paling fence sections right through to more fancy fence panels, we use heavy duty Tanalised timbers. For the more elaborate fence panels, we use planed and chamfered Redwood from sustainable sources, again the planed and chamfered Redwood is Tanalised, pressure treated. These can be made to your size as with all our products, they are made here in our workshop.

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Our wide range of Fencing Panels include:

Timber Fence Panels, Overlap Panel Overlap Panel
The most traditional garden fence panel. Tavistock Woodland Sawmill use a heavy slat (horizontal) and battens to both front and back giving a more sturdy finish and longer life. This also gives both gardens the same look, not only one with battens. All Tanalised timber. Stocks are all 1.8m wide, heights are 0.6m / 0.9m / 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.8m. However, we can make special sizes but only up to 1.8m in width.
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Timber Fence Panels, Featheredge Panel Featheredge Panel
A heavier duty panel where a more substantial boundary is required. Each featheredge slat (Ex 150mm x 22mm) has a good solid edge (doesn’t taper to nothing) and we overlap each slat by 25mm giving a really solid finish. Sawn Tanalised timber. The slats are vertical and although we have stock sizes we can make special sizes. Timber is local where possible but always from managed woodlands and sustainable sources.
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Timber Fence Panels, Trellis Standard Trellis Standard
Our trellis is made with 38mm x 19mm sawn Tanalised timber. Standard sizes give a 150mm square hole. De Lux gives a 50mm square hole. The overall size of each section will be 1.8m (10 squares) one way and the other way either 3 row/570mm 5 row/1.07m 6 row/1.12m 8 row/1.47m 10 row 1.8m x 1.8m A bow top or concave top can be incorporated into the overall size.
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Timber Fence Panels, Diamond Fence Panel Diamond Fence Panel
Small hole diamond trellis using 38mm x 19mm batten, with a capping rail on the top. No side/bottom frame. Tanalised sawn timber, locally sourced where possible.
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Timber Fence Panels, Fan Trellis Fan Trellis
Heavy Duty Trellis, manufactured using Tanalised 38mm x 19mm timber, these are available in various sizes usually from stock. We can also make to your size and do convex/concave tops to order and also do a Deluxe version which has twice as many rows of battens both horizontally and vertically to make the holes twice as small. Fan Trellis, made from 38mm x 19mm Tanalised timber.
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If you are planning on fencing a field, then we stock stakes of various sizes, be they rustic stakes or machined profile stakes, Tavistock Woodland Sawmill has them. Stock wire is also always carried, from small lightweight L5, to high tensile stock wire and everything in between, it’s not a problem. Chicken wire, straining wire, Chainlink, barbed wire, C8 stock wire, L8 stock wire and Weldmesh are standard for us to supply from stock as well as the staples you’ll need to attach it! Diamond gates are kept in stock in standard on the foot sizes, but we can manufacture to your specific size as well. Also available to order are the Devon style gates, as well as many other of our own design gates made from Tanalised pressure treated timber.

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